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Excel to bai2

BAI2 files come to an account holder from a bank. The account holder then imports the files to a bookkeeping application and performs bank reconciliation if necessary. Bank reconciliation is a process that resolves the difference between the balance on a bank statement and the corresponding amount shown in an enterprise's accounting records.

One of the most common applications of the BAI2 file format involves the transmission of returned-check data by a bank to an account holder, an event that nearly always triggers a call for bank reconciliation.

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What appeared as cumbersome all these years, is actually very interesting and logical. The BAI2 file is a plain text file.

Hence, interpreting that becomes a bit tedious. For now, I will make an attempt to explain what and how does a BAI2 file contain. Other Bank statement formats MT, etc. With the help of colour coding, lets understand how to interpret the key elements in the above file. The data records in the screenshot above are depicted in the below excel sheet. With different colour coding for various key elements, I shall try to explain what do they mean. The file records with 01, 02 and 03 contain the basic information with regards to Bank Routing No Bank Key.

Statement generation date, Statement date, Bank Account no. The file records with 88 always contain some extra information about the preceding record. In the above screenshot, the records with 88 after the 03 record, contain information about Closing Balance, Total Debits and Total Credits.

Each one of these transactions is represented by a unique transaction type. For example, for Checks Out, for Interest Income, etc. We use these transactions to trigger the various postings in the FI — General Ledger. If some extra information is there about a particular transaction, the data record 16 will follow with a 88 data record See below. Using this information, for example, an incoming check from a customer can be used to clear the invoice.

The records 49, 98, 99 appear at the end. These signify the closure records of the Bank Statement. Visit my Facebook page www. A crisp document, which is very useful to anyone who is looking to configure EBS and probably also use Search String functionality.

Hi Ajay. Thanks for this useful document. Can you please guide where in BAI2 config the mapping of different fields is maintained so that I could try changing that config.

Nice presentation, as usual it is very informative.

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Good document and got a basic idea about how the BAI file format is. Ajay Maheshwari. Posted on October 20, 2 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. What appeared as cumbersome all these years, is actually very interesting and logical To begin with, I would like to start with a very basic topic — Interpreting the BAI2 file.

With different colour coding for various key elements, I shall try to explain what do they mean The file records with 01, 02 and 03 contain the basic information with regards to Bank Routing No Bank Key.

We use these transactions to trigger the various postings in the FI — General Ledger If some extra information is there about a particular transaction, the data record 16 will follow with a 88 data record See below.

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Using this information, for example, an incoming check from a customer can be used to clear the invoice The records 49, 98, 99 appear at the end.

I hope this simple explanation helps you to understand the basics of BAI2 file. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions.Excel Categories.

Close Window. Get Your Free Excel ebook! Top 15 Excel Tutorials. Instant Access! The download link for the file has been sent to the email you provided. If you don't see it, check your spam or promotions folder. Bai To Excel. Similar Topics. Is there an easy way to convert BAI files to an Excel file or a text file?

The File Is Locked. Hello, I have a number of different files that I often need to run a macro on. In order for me to do it on the files I have at any given time, I need to open one, run the macro, close and save, then open the next one.

excel to bai2

Is it possible to write a macro that will start with the first file in a folder, open it and update links, run a macro, save and close, and open the next file in the folder until it has open all the files in the folder. I have experience with creating macros that reference different workbooks, but not sure how to go about opening files with different filenames without referencing the exact filename.

I'd like to be able to have basic code for opening, saving and closing, opening next file, saving and closing, etc. Is this possible? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Jason. I know this question has been asked a bajillion times, so I apologize for the redundancy. I am working with an Excel spreadsheet and saving it as a. The system requires. I have been successful at preventing Excel from coverting that long number into scientific format.

I have saved as a TXT file, pasted the longer number and it displays correctly. That is all good. But I have to save as a. So if I do that, close the Excel window, and then open again as the.

I have tried creating an Excel doc from scratch and entering text in Text format, to see if this created a cleaner file. But again, the second I save as.

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Does anyone have any idea of how to work around this? Once I have successfully gotten the numbers to display as the long-chain number, how can I get them to "stick" so that they don't revert back to scientific format when I reopen the file? Thanks so much for your help!Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New Excel articles Latest activity.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Convert csv file to bai file. Thread starter Mr D Start date Feb 16, Mr D New Member. Joined Apr 2, Messages I have a csv file that needs to be converted into a bai file format.

The problem is that each row of the csv file converts to a new row in the bai file. I need just one block of data. This can be manually fixed by copying the data into Word and then deleting the end of line 'returns', but this is hugely manual. Is there a way of automating this? Many thanks. Some videos you may like. Excel Facts. Click here to reveal answer. TAllen Board Regular. Joined Dec 7, Messages In Word, you can use the Replace function to accomplish this.

In the Replace With field put nothing. Click on Replace All. This will remove all returns. You must log in or register to reply here. Watch MrExcel Video. Forum statistics Threads 1, Messages 5, MembersLatest member rogel. Extract numbers from text string within row range and sum Started by Donbozone Apr 4, Replies: Skip to main content.

Select Product Version. All Products. The standard published Version 2 BAI format contains '7' fields in the Detail line, so the configurator may need to be modified to match your bank file.

Convert csv file to bai file

Be sure to check your bank file, as banks may vary on how many fields they provide in the Detail line. If you do not have the same number of fields in the line, GP will hang or crash. The work-around was to remove the slash from the file as GP didn't need it if your file contained a carriage return at the end of each line, which is often found in.

Set up or modify the BAI configurator as follows: 1. To do this: a. Save the bank import file to your desktop or another location of your choice. Look for all the Account Header lines in the file lines that begin with code ' 03 ' in the file. You will need to verify that each account number exists on a checkbook in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It must match exactlyso if the Bank Account number has leading zeroes in the bank file, you must also key those on the checkbook setup.

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Select the Bank Download ID you are working with, and verify that each Checkbook ID is added that contains the Bank Account Numbers that are used in the bank file you are trying to import in. Enter a name for the Bank Format and a Description as desired. In Notepad, review the Detail rows [rows that begin with code 16] in the bank file, and verify how many fields across you will need, as it may not necessarily be 7. You must do this on a brand new install the very first time, so it will recognize the default codes for these transaction types.

So save these codes once, and you will not need to do this again on this Microsoft Dynamics GP install again, even if you set up other configurators, or delete any existing configurators. This is a one-time step neededbut never hurts anything to press SAVE in these windows either. This action will have the default codes be recognized by the system. In the Codes Entry window, verify that all the Transaction Type Codes used in your bank file the second field in each Detail line [ie.

Be aware that not all codes are supplied by the default format in Microsoft Dynamics GP, so you may need to add some. More Information. What should I check first: A1: There are many reasons that GP can hang, but it is usually because the bank account number in the file doesn't match any of the checkbooks mapped, or the number of fields in the Detail line of the bank file doesn't match the number of fields for this line in the configurator file.

Please check the following: a. Any leading zeroes must also match.


Count how many fields are in the '16' line in the bank file, and be sure to look at a check and a deposit line. Make sure that all the lines in the Bank File start with a Record Type code that the configurator has mapped. I've seen some lines start with a '--' and this would cause the system to hang. Blank lines should be okay. This must be done once on a new install of Microsoft Dynamics GP to have the system recognize the default codes.

Make sure the file does not have lines longer than characters wide. Make sure that you clear out the Electronic Reconcile tables in between each attempt. Blank lines at the end of your import file can also cause the system to hang. If it moves to a blank line, press Backspace until you get the cursor to the end of the last line with data.

Save the modified file. Refer to the ME table to see what line it is failing on.The BAI file format is the most commonly used file in inter-bank communication of account balance and activity. Recently, it has also become a popular format for bank-to-customer reporting for those corporate customers with advanced needs. Looking to create BAI2 files? TO Two comma delimited csv files - transactions and summary. BAI2Excel provides an easy to use, affordable utility to convert BAI format files to comma delimited files csv which can be opened in any version of Excel.

This solution converts all of the account activity contained in the BAI file, and then prepares data in a tabular row and column format, and appends each row with appropriate header information including date, account number and days to clear distributed time frame.

In addition, the system signs the amount column debit vs. Want full sample files? Desktop-Standard includes 3 workstation licenses Workgroup-Automation includes 5 workstation licenses. Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel at any time. Monthly fees are guaranteed no increases.

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excel to bai2

Subscription licenses includes full phone support throughout. Perpetual licenses include 30 days support. Immediate Electronic Delivery of software. Licenses at time of payment.The Bank Administration Institute BAI file format is used to electronically transmit transaction data from a bank to an organization.

Bank Administration Institute version 2 BAI2 splits the payment amount into separate invoice references and corresponding payments.

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You can use this format to do the following tasks:. Analyze and account for all incoming receipts that include interest, and for outgoing payments that include bank charges. Create and estimate cash flow or funds flow. This includes services such as cash concentration and zero-balance accounting. You can import the BAI2 statement and validate the check entries against the bank transactions. Then you can manually correct the discrepancies in the amounts of bank cash balances and your accounts, and post the reconciled transactions to the bank account from the bridging account.

A bridging account is the ledger account that holds check payment transactions that are pending manual approval before they are reconciled with the bank statement. Before you can view service operations, you must select the Advanced bank reconciliation check box in the Bank accounts form for a bank account.

The following steps should be performed by system administrators who have knowledge of the Application Object Tree AOT.

Comma Delimited (ASCII, Spreadsheet)

For more information about these steps, see AIF inbound ports form. These files translate the electronic bank statements from their original format to a format that Microsoft Dynamics AX can use. Before you can receive the BAI2 statement electronically, you must register custom services and adapters, manage operations and inbound transforms, and activate inbound ports.

In the Port name and Description fields, enter BAI2 for the name and description of the inbound port. In the Adapter field, select File system adapter as the adapter name.

On the Service contract customizations FastTab, click Service operations to open the Select service operations form. Read to move them from the Remaining service operations list to the Selected service operations list. On the Processing options FastTab, select the Transform all requests check box to include inbound transforms. Click Manage transforms to open the Manage transforms form, and then click Yes when the message is displayed.

Click New to create a transform. Enter csv2xml in the Name field. Enter xml2aif in the Name field. Click New and select csv2xml in the Transform name field. Click New and select xml2aif in the Transform name field. Use the Methods of payment - vendors form to select the bridging account to use to post the check payment transactions.

excel to bai2

When these transactions are manually reconciled with the BAI2 statement, the transactions are posted to the bank account. Click New to create a method of payment for checks. For more information, see Set up a method of payment for checks.

In the Payment account field, select the bank account from which the checks are issued. Select the Bridging posting check box to post the payment transaction to a bridging account and then to the corresponding bank account.


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