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European racing schools

Welcome to the California Superbike School. Our job is to improve your riding skills through quality instruction.

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Your personal goals as a rider will be the focus. We have been at it since and the job never gets old. Come ride with us. Your assigned on-track coach for the day is a professional. Coaches are trained observers and correction artists.

Their job is to offer plenty of assistance by giving you immediate feedback on errors as well as validation for good application of the drills and technical skills. Professional Coaching Your coach will ensure improvement and insist on understanding.

Giving friendly advice is not part of their training; ensuring your discovery and understanding of the cornering art is part of their training. In short it is the perfect training bike on the market today. With its industry-leading electronic aids, a student can select the level of aid appropriate to their skills. These aids allow the student to focus on their lesson instead of what their current habits may be causing the bike to do.

Students must have some riding experience — we do not train first time riders. Sign Up Schedule. Lock in your spot! Register now! OUR Machinery.

MEET the Crew. Keith Code. Cobie Fair. OUR Videos. Call us toll-free p. San Fernando Rd.The Racing School has a long history in the Motorsport industry and has been the nursery for most of the well-known drivers from the 70s to the 90s.

Winfield takes in charge the whole organisation, logistics and coaching including the technical side of running racing cars. Personal coaching, racing simulator, organisation of corporate events and incentive, races hospitalities, event showcars and running cars for filming, marketing consulting services… More than a racing school, Winfield makes available its skills and its large network to propose a range of services linked to the Motorsport industry.

With a technical crew of 14 engineers and mechanics from the F1 team, Renault and Winfield will enable enthusiasts to realise a previously unattainable dream regardless of their racing skills levels; to drive a Formula 1 car. Based at the heart of Circuit Paul Ricard, Winfield offers an exceptional surrounding and outstanding facilities for events, private test days, races hospitalities, winter technical base….Actual Driving SChools situation through Europe due to Coronavirus spread Austrian Driving Teachers Day and Federal Examiners Day is the largest driving licence event The driving teachers and the examiners day has become a platform for international dialogue in recent years.

EFA believes that driver training should always be carried out in driving schools. European driving schools are ready to face the technological challenges of new vehicles. We have to change this attitude. EFA is…. EFA represents the interest of its members with all European authorities, institutions and organisations, concerned with:. EFA is a professional association being neutral in political and denominational matters. Skip to content. You can find an interesting Norwegian research study on the use of simulators while driving training.

Positive and negative aspects are indicated. Single Platform on Autonomous Vehicles. The first meeting will be held in Brussels at the end of June. EFA will also be part of the "Road Safety" subgroup, which covers the training field. Mar 31 EFA Newsletter No. Mar 3 Feb 3 Driving instruction Driving instructors tuition Driver improvement Further education of novice drivers Environmentally friendly driving All questions concerning road safety.

european racing schools

It encourages initiatives which lead to an improvement in road safety. The main objectives are. There are no upcoming events at this time.High-end auto-makers and championship drivers offer a catalog of classes and opportunities for gearheads to get behind the wheel of a dream car and learn how to pilot it like a pro.

european racing schools

Visitors can tackle an off-road course with hills steeper than 45 degrees, or spin out and learn to regain control on a water-slicked polished concrete surface. No need to be afraid of flurries, ice or snow drifts. This school, sponsored by a snow tire manufacturer, shows students how to handle tough winter road conditions, with instruction even taking place on a frozen lake.

Winfield Racing School

One-percenter wannabees can get behind the wheel of a dream car and take it through its paces on the Las Vegas Speedway. Also available at the Auto Club Speedway in California.

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The drag racers used for training here can rocket from zero to 60 mph in three seconds, and reach speeds up toWolfkill says. Students learn proper gear shifting and techniques to get off the line quickly.

Dirtfish Rally School Snoqualmie, Wash. Set in a former logging and mill site, drivers learn how to maintain control in hilly, muddy conditions.

Developed by the former racer, who turns 80 this year, the experience is available at more than a dozen tracks around the country. Bondurant Racing School Chandler, Ariz. Founded by Formula One driver Bob Bondurant, this school teaches everything from teen driving to high-performance racing.


Founded init offers single- and multiple-day sessions, and some classes let drivers bring their own car. The navigation could not be loaded.Whether you are starting a racing career, looking for a new adventure, honing your driving skills or seeking an unforgettable experience for your next corporate event our team of professional coaches and proven curriculum will provide you with everything you need to be able to drive our race cars to the limit. No matter the reason, Allen Berg Racing Schools is the place where racing dreams are made and expectations are met.

Whether you are planning an employee appreciation day, a corporate retreat, entertaining existing clients or prospective customers, ABRS has a corporate program for you.

ABRS utilizes only the best vehicles and equipment, all of which is immaculately prepared and meticulously maintained. ABRS formula cars are "state of the art" Formula Renault open-wheel racecars, providing the thrilling adrenaline rush as experienced by real racing drivers. Founder Allen Berg has conducted highly regarded racing school programs in the past. All ABRS theory, curriculum, schedules, and exercises are derived from over thirty years of race driving, instruction and coaching experience with top level racing series, race teams, drivers and schools around the world.

We have a program that fits your experience level and budget. There are many options available. Most drivers start their careers in an open-wheel or Formula Car Racing School, such as ours. A Formula Car is a great learning tool. We are an industry leader in formula car racing schools and utilize the latest technologies at our disposal, we are one of the best options.

Racing is like any other sport. Like other sports, the athlete in this case driver will need to be able fund his career until making the transition to pro, and there are many drivers seeking pro drives with top teams. First step after taking a racing school is to compete in lower level formula car racing series. We can provide our graduates with options and introductions to pursue racing at amateur levels upon request.

Our programs are competitively priced with advanced race cars, experienced coaches and a world-class venue. Please check-out our programs. Drivers start by first taking a racing school to obtain their racing license, from their entering into lower level racing series. We provide our graduates with options and introductions to pursue racing upon request.

Reserve your seat by calling us at or online through our bookings page. While we are really enjoying SimRacing, we miss the real thing too, so we will post a picture of a race car every day until racing starts again. Your car. Your track. Your SIM. Training from an F1 driver - We are the only school to offer this. Carbon fiber chassis - other schools have tube frame chassis old technology. We use racing slicks - other schools use road car tires.

Wings on the racecars - up to 2 G's cornering force.

european racing schools

No skid pad exercises - all driving is done on the road courses. More track time per day than any other racing program. Open Lapping sessions on the first day.

Data Debriefing. About ABRS.In the Porsche of your choosing and under the expert guidance of a Porsche Drive Coach, spend time developing your abilities behind the wheel. Our development tracks offer skid pads, low-friction circuits, kick plates, and more so you can perfect your driving technique on courses designed to test specific skills.

Spend time behind the wheel of the latest Porsche models as part of your buying process.

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As part of the travel experience or at one of our experience centers you have the ability to compare models, perfect your driving skills, and narrow down the options for your new Porsche. Each program is designed to meet the needs and abilities of our clients—offering Precision, Performance, or even Advanced courses where you can earn your SCCA full competition license.

Hone your skills in the Porsche model of your choosing to get more pleasure out of every drive. We offer a wide range of tours all over the world, all of which include stops with luxurious stays and fine dining. With well-informed leaders who offer comprehensive care, experience the ultimate road trip behind the wheel of a Porsche. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind space for an impressive corporate meeting or a stunning and unique wedding reception, our facilities transform to fit your needs.

All the while offering beautiful aesthetic that makes your event an experience to remember. Each have a designated portion of track designed specifically to test handling and functionality in off-road conditions. Mute Unmute Play Pause. Skills Development. Test Drive. Private Events. Off Road.We attend the best and safest racetracks in Europe.

Our goal is to make riders more aware, and help them become faster, safer and more confident riders on and off the track. At the Racing School Europe we have courses designed to quickly accelerate your riding ability so that in a few days to you can reach a level that was unthinkable before.

This professional training program is suitable for beginner all the way up to the level of a racer. RSE tailores the program to your skill level so even if you have never ridden on a circuit before you will feel at home at the RSE. Age and experience are irrelevant. Pick your favourite track for doing an event with us. Troy Corser enjoyed more than 30 victories throughout his career. Mr Superpole, who needs little introduction, known all around the world.

He has co-developed the current training program and works closely with all the instructors. Guidance and instruction from an experienced instructor One instructor for 3 students on average 1-on-1 instruction optional. Ride your own pace and learn at your own pace!

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No groups on track! GoPro video recordings are a tool we use to analyse and help you understand your own riding. After the training you can take your recordings with you on a provided pen drive. This experience is a must do for all, it will not only be a lot of fun it will also make you understand the limits better. This experience makes riders faster overnight!

We have our own quallified mechanics on the spot for changing tyres, brakepads and small repairs. For our oversea riders we have the option to also provide the riding gear needed, this includes; a helmet, suit, gloves, boots and back protection! We have all sizes in stock so you can travel light! Racing School Europe has a partnership with Metzeler, this gives us the opportunity to switch to rain tyres if needed.

The training continues.

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Or sign up with your own motorcycle, our events are open for all brands! More information Events.

Racing School Europe - We ride wet or dry

View all racetracks View events. Optional duo ride with the Champ! Pillion rides with Troy Corser! FLy in and Ride! All racetracks.

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Fly in and Ride. Troy Corser. Training program.


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