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Cid abhijeet in danger 2

Singh for Sony Entertainment Television India. The location of the series is set in MumbaiMaharashtraIndia. The series premiered on 21 January and is the longest running television series in India. The last episode aired on 27 October The show also re-runs on Sony 's sister channel Sony Pal.

CID got into both the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records on 7 November for its record-breaking single shot episode of minutes 1 hour and 51 minutesentitled " The Inheritance " without a cut which writer — director — producer B.

Singh feels " every Indian should be proud of because no one has achieved this before ".

Best of CID – ACP In Danger – Full Episode

CID introduced its following sub-series during its 21 years of run on Indian Television. These sub-series aired alongside the main series The pilot episode was shot inbut the series premiered five years after it in Singh on many projects before CID. He said in an interview: " Having worked with B. InI was also doing some films, and B. Singh Sir gave me the flexibility to come and go as I felt like. But I began to enjoy the role of Abhijeet, and so stayed on ", said Shrivastav.

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Dayanand Shettywho portrays Senior Inspector Daya was spotted by Sanjay Shetty, a member of the CID production team in a community play in which he was adjudged best actor.

Singh was so impressed with Shetty that he finalized him just 5 minutes into the audition.

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During the long course of the show, the series has been shot in various locations all over India. The series has also been shot in foreign countries. Some Foreign locations have included places like Uzbekistana major shoot in Parisand Switzerland which included tourist attractions like Interlaken as well as cities such as Berne and Zurich. The major shoot in Paris - Switzerland was for the 2 hourly special episode " Aakhri Chunauti ", and a part of the production team's 13th anniversary celebration plan.

The show was decided to end suddenly by the channel and on October 27,the last episode was aired. The break has been decided mutually by the makers and channel as they want to reboot the show. Beginning on 7 July ; a nationwide hunt called Operation Talaash was launched, in search of a new officer to join the CID team, which ended on 1 September Vivek V. Mashru who played Sub-Inspector Vivek, was selected to play the role.

The third and fourth editions were aired on 1 April and 14 April respectively.CID Season 2 6. The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television.

Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.

Aditya Srivastava

At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Add to Watchlist. By clicking play, you agree to our Terms of Use. Episodes 40 1.

cid abhijeet in danger 2

Ali Ki Khalbali. Audio Languages Audio Languages. Cops get to know about the dead body and they are also shocked to see the dead body of senior inspector Abhijit and thinks that why Abhijit is wearing a Dulha's costume. Cops get to know that the dead body has been found in Ali's car and they suspected that Ali must have done all this.

Is abhijit dead? Why will Ali kill abhijit? Byomkesh Bakshi Ki Talaash. The story centers on two cases; one is set in Mumbai and the other is set in a town of Bengal. In Mumbai, a mysterious woman by the name of Naina is stalked by strangers and on her birthday party night, the stalker and Naina's own husband are killed. Simultaneously, in the Bengali town, a wealthy elderly man Bhaudralok, dies a seemingly natural death by heart attack.

But the cops get embroiled in a murder controversy where they are unable to save a victim who called them for help. The team is suspended until further notice. All this while DCP Chittrole has been in observation of the cops as he has been meeting a beautiful 25 year old woman Vishakha. Call Center Murder.Ramesh : Pata naijab main thodi der k liye samne paan ki dukan pe gaya tha, jab main vapas aaya to ye CD meri chair pe rakhi hui thi, aur cover pe ACP saab ka name likha hua tha.

Vikrant : Agar Abhijeet aur Vivek sahi salamat vapas chahiye to 3 mahine pehle mera jo drugs ka consignment pakda tha, vo mujhe vapas kar do.

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Main Abhijeet aur Vivek ko chhod dunga. Vikrant : Soch lo ACP. Is baar to Abhijeet bach gaya, kahi aisa na ho ki agli goli uski jaan le le.

Main tumhe aadhe ghante ka waqt deta hu, job hi karna hai, jaldi karo. Mujhe nai lagta ki vo hume consignment dega, par koshish to karni padegi.

Abhimanyu : main bhi pagal hu, kaisa sawal puchha tumse? Mujhe to tumse yahi puchhna chahiye tha ki bolo ACP kya kaam hai? ACP : sir, humne jo 3 mahine pehle Vikrant ki gang ka jo consignment pakda th, vo mujhe vapas chahiye. ACP : sir, main samajh sakta hu, par mujhe sirf 2 din k liye hi chahiye. Mera yakin kijiye, main aap ko vapas lauta dunga….

cid abhijeet in danger 2

Pata nai Abhimanyu ka kabhi bhi mood badal sakta hai. Vikrant : Thik hai, to aaj sham k 5 baje Madh island k paas jo purana killa fort hai, vahi pea a jana.

CID - Abhijit Ka Sangharsh - Episode 1036 - 17th January 2014

Daya : Haan, sir aap jayiye. Shayad Vikrant k aadmi aap pe nazar rakh rahe ho.

Cid Abhijeet Death Special Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

Hum log baad me vahi aa jate hai. ACP : Tum thik keh rahe ho Daya. Sath me dekh liya to Abhijeet aur Vivek par musibat aa jayengi. Par tum log vahan pe aaoge kaise? ACP : Thik hai, tum logo ko job hi karna hai, vo karna par samhal hai. Jab tak Abhijeet aur Vivek surkshit nai aa jate tab tak kuchh mat karna. ACP reached the venue i.

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Madh Island old fort with a big suitcase. Vivek was in semi-unconscious. Their hand were tie up. Centre leke jaao. Vivek k liye abhi vahi sahi rahega. Tasha tum bhi jao sath me….

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Salunkhe : kya yaar, Pradhyuman itna sab ho gaya aur tune hum ko batana bhi jaroori nai samjha?Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows C. Abhijeet was getting ready to go on duty and door bell ringed Abhijeet: Daya will be there. Again bell ringed. Abhijeet opened the door but no one was there. He checked outside but no one was there. He was returning inside he saw a parcel on the mat.

He saw his name on that. He opened and saw CID badge full of blood. It was of Daya. Abhijeet tried calling Daya. But his phone was switched off. Abhijeet tooked the badge and wore his jacket and went some where. At Daya's home. Abhijeet saw his house was locked. Abhijeet had a duplicate key. So he opened the door and saw all the things were here and there. As if there was tsunami came there. Abhijeet was not able to understand what to do.

He received a call. It was from an unknown person. Abhijeet: Hello. Person: Hello Searching for Daya. Abhijeet: How did you came to know. Who are you? Person: Is that important or Life of Daya. Abhijeet: You kidnapped Daya Person: To take revenge. Abhijeet: RevengeTitled "The Inheritance", this episode is about a hotelier who comes down from South Africa to wind up his business and sort out his inheritance. All his relatives gather at the hotel in the hope of getting a share of his property.

A murder takes place amidst them and the owner summons the CID. Just when the CID team thinks it has tracked the killer, two more murders are committed, this time in the presence of the CID thus intensifying the suspense.

Shot continuously for minutes, this was a unique attempt and understandably was given a special slot. Abhijeet fired on his knees then how come there were 6 bullets on his chest. A perfect well planned trap for CID officer Abhijeet. There were 5 people in the car Abhjeet, 3 prisoners 1 driver.

All the reports ,All the statements ;All the evidence were against Abhijeet there was no way that he can be saved. His imprisonment was near in the court Finally K. Pathak finds a solution and there comes the twist that Zoravar is alive but howcome.

Will K. Pathak succeed in saving senior CID officer Abhijeet? Will he be released from the court or he wiil be put behind the bars forever? CID Inspector Abhijeet reveals Court that the bullet that was found in Rohit's room belongs to DCP and also puts the blame of Rohit's murder on DCP later, Julie tells court that she saw DCP taking an exit from her room's back door and DCP too agrees that he went to meet Rohit but did not kill him, on the other side, an unknown person leaves 4 briefcase in 4 different places where there are bunches of people and there in the court, the tea Boy who is DCP's informer too reveals court that DCP was planning to kill Rohit, later, Abhijeet tells court that DCP has brutally murdered Dr.

Pathak tries to prove DCP innocent but a major trouble takes place as, furious Daya forces DCP's driver to reveal the truth thus he tells court that DCP ordered him to bury a dead body and he escaped from there as he was extremely scared. Salunkhe and there in the bureau, team C. D fails to understand why did DCP suddenly admit it. What will K. Pathak do now? Will he prove him innocent? Daya, Nikhil, Rajat and Vineet look out for Juhi in her residence. Juhi's relatives too are worried for Juhi.Aditya Srivastava is a theater artist, and, Indian film and television actor.

He is best known for his role as Senior Inspector Abhijeet in India's longest-running television police procedural C.

cid abhijeet in danger 2

To hone his skills and pursue a career in acting, he moved to Delhi in and was involved in mostly theatre work at Sri Ram Center Of Performing Arts.

Spotted by Shekhar Kapoor, he got his first break in the movie Bandit Queenwhere he played Puttilal. After this he moved to Mumbai in He did many voice overs for promos and advertisements. He also played pivotal episodic roles in Byomkesh BakshiRishtey and Aahat. He took a break from television in to do films. He was later offered C. Singh noticed him in Satya [2] for playing a cop, after Ashutosh Gowariker left to pursue direction. Although he had played as a criminal Paresh in the C.

Initially reluctant, he signed in for just 26 episodes, which however extended later. His first C. He, today, is one of the pillars of the show. Meanwhile, he also did many films. He played Murgi, a guitarist in Anurag Kashyap's Paanchwhich was shot inand was never released, but got him approval as an actor by the film fraternity when Paanch was shown as the closing film in Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema in He even provided finance for the making of this movie, so kind of co-produced it.

His first film as in playing the single male protagonist, Dil se Pooch Kidhar Jaana Hai[4] though it was a commercial failure, as the production house decided to release it sans promotions, it fetched him appreciation by critics for his performance.

Kaalo is another movie with him in lead. He suffered from a shoulder injury in a bus accident during the shoots of Kaalo. Internationally, he is more known for his work in films like Dil Se.Page of 5 Go Next Last. Posted: 10 years ago. Daya's Abduction. I just love it, Mere Daya Sir ne kya kaam kiya hai. And how can I forget - C.

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D It was awesome, only fact CID team came after about 40 minutes since the show started. I missed them. The last case as per air date that I thought was really really interesting was - Waqt Bataega Khooni Kaun.

cid abhijeet in danger 2

Case of missing bullet. I've seen this only once, but I remember 'falling in love' with the character - Daya some years back after that episode. I remember the endless discussions with my friends about the episode. The case of the accused officer.

Watched it from Prabha's downloads. Excellent acting by Aditya. The case of the stolen dynamite. I remember seeing this 10 years back and again refreshed by Prabha's collection. What would CID be without Abhijeet? Talking parrot : The case was so-so, but loved the scenes of our team reacting to Abhijeet's dead body and the scene of Abhijeet flirting with the kidnapper.

Even when tied up, tortured and injured, he still has the sense of humour to flirt with a girl!!! Nanhi Gavaah : I was in tears at the end of the episode. Abhijeet looks after a deaf and dumb girl for several days, decides to adopt her and the girls' uncle suddenly comes up and snatches her away from him. His expressions are alone enough. Behroopiya : Daya stole the show here. Very very sad ending My favourite CID episodes:. CID awards the winners of their Shaatir Lekhak contest. Report Abuse.

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